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Hi Magee Moose here to let you know that on 5th march I’ll be launching me Gaming for Humanity fundraising. Last year I managed to collect roughly £200 for UK action for refugees, and this year all the money I raise are going to Reporter without Borders, an organisation devoted to protect freedom of information and freedom of speech by supporting those who investigate and report any mistreatment of journalists in every country, from China and Burma to Sweden and the United State.

Reporters without boarders has built a network around the globe who monitor any freedom of information or freedom speech violation. Whit their Headquarters in Paris they can send out money and resources to those journalists that are I need of help. This can be for lawyers and protection. Reporters whiteout boarders has managed to release 1000 of journalist that has been in prison for speaking out against a country’s government.
And with you help they can increase their work towards exposing corruption and human rights violations, promote freedom of information and protect those who put their life at risk to give us that information.

During the fundraising, I’ll livestream when I play games and I’ll will be taking challenges from people.

You will be able to follow me on
Twitter: @MageeMoose


On 5 march I’ll launch my Gaming for Humanity fundraising, I'll be raising money by live-streaming and take challenges for Reporters without Borders

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